Support Renton CROP Hunger Walk

Walk In Renton CROP Hunger Walk

Local Agencies Helped

How Does Renton CROP Hunger Walk Help?

25% will help these local Renton food agencies

1. Salvation Army Food Bank (food for 1500+ people a week)

2. A.R.I.S.E. (food/shelter for 22+ homeless men)

2012 2013
Men Served 186 140
Men placed in Housing 53 54
% of men served placed 28% 39%
Bednights 7,133 7,681
Bednights (per night) 20 22
Volunteer Occurrences 2,757 2,659
Est number of volunteers (65%) 1,792 1,728
Hot meals served 7,521 7,695
Volunteer Hours 6,869 6,695
Total meals served 17,507 18,448

3. Margie Williams Helping Hands (food on Saturdays for 350+)

4. St. Vincent de Paul Food Bank (food for 100+ people a week)

The St. Vincent de Paul food bank at St. Anthony Church provides supplemental food sacks for families – 3 meals a day for 2 days and lunch sacks for the working poor and homeless.  All food items are non-perishable.  They served over 5,000 people with 24,000 lbs. of food in 2011.

5. Center of HopeProvides a day center (at City Hall) and night shelter (at churches) for homeless women and children.
This includes boys 12 and older, making it possible for families to stay together.

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