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Walk In Renton CROP Hunger Walk

CROP Walk Rules & Tips

WHEELED THINGS: No Trikes, Bikes, Skateboards, Blades or Skates.

Wheelchairs, Wagons & Strollers OK.

DOGS: Dogs O.K. Renton requires dogs on leash and droppings bagged.

CAUTIONS: (Although the CROP walkers won’t use anything wheeled other than noted above, Cedar River Trail is a public trail, so there may be other bikers/bladers/boarders/skaters. Yield to them.

Stay to right on trail, so others can pass safely.

Watch for speeding bikes, etc. and keep children near you.

Wait for CROP Crossing Guard’s “OK” to cross road.

At checkpoints, keep trail clear for others.

TRASH: Use the trash cans at checkpoints.

RIDES: Checkpoints can call CROP Van for a ride back.

FIRST-AID: Checkpoints have first-aid kits.


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