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Walk In Renton CROP Hunger Walk

Church World Service (CWS)

Church World Service works “with partners in the U.S. and around the world to build interfaith and intercultural coalitions to eradicate hunger and poverty and promote peace and justice.”  They support “sustainable grassroots development, disaster relief, and refugee assistance.”

As a part of those initiatives, CWS sponsors annual CROP Hunger Walks. The money raised for the Renton CROP Hunger Walk is split 75% to Church World Service and 25% to local Renton hunger agencies.

These CROP Hunger Walks allow Church World Service to:

  • Empower people in over 80 countries through Church World Service (CWS) programs.
  • Involve more than 2 million walkers and sponsors.
  • Raise over $16 million with 1,600 CROPWALKS.
  • Enable people to move beyond poverty.
  • Help farmers plant correct seeds and crops.
  • Provide trees to reforest land and provide food.
  • Provide sustainable farming and grow variety of healthy foods.
  • Help start small businesses by providing baking ovens, fishing nets and boats, manual sewing machines, honey bees, chickens, rabbits, and nursery plants and trees.
  • Provide training in health care and animal care.
  • Provide tools and wells for clean water, and irrigation for crops.
  • Provide education in nutrition and health for families.
  • Help the hungry and homeless after natural disasters.
  • Help the hungry and homeless in refugee camps.
  • Assist displaced people when they return to their homeland.
  • Help countries improve alert systems and emergency programs

In Washington State, CWS has trained local recovery groups for long-term needs of flood victims.

See the work CWS is doing at


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